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Name:Maddison Elizabeth Casey
Birthdate:Nov 28
Maddison Elizabeth Casey is the daughter of Sports Medicine specialist Willam Casey, and his wife, psychiatrist Gwendoline. She's the younger child, growing up very close to her big brother, Christian, who has been a friend and protector to her her whole life.

She grew up in a long line of medical professionals, and money was really never an issue for her. They were well off and very well known, and had friends in all the right places, with her mom a prominent psychiatrist, and her dad working with some of the best known athletes in the US. So it came as no surprise that Maddie was extremely popular in high school. She was head cheerleader, made very good grades, and even started a charity organization at her school, which made a difference in the community, and also got her name into the running to be considered for the International Debutante Ball in New York City.

At the age of 17, and the recommendation of a former debutante, Maddison was actually invited to be a part of that ball, alongside the daughters of politicians and statesmen from all over the world. It was there that her family informed her of their intentions to have her marry Julian Beaumont, the son of an extremely wealthy New York businessman. With his trust fund and his well-known name, the family would more or less be established for life, not only in Princeton, but in New York's high society, as well. She and Julian got on well enough, and he was her escort at the ball, but he admitted to her after a few months of trying to carry on some sort of relationship that he was gay. Maddison remained friends with Julian, both of them glad to abandon the idea of an arranged marriage, and move on just being friends.

It was only a month or so after breaking things off with Julian that Maddison found herself pregnant with the child of her then-boyfriend, the star of the school lacrosse team, and all of her popularity and her place on the social scale were suddenly, and without warning, falling to pieces around her. Her parents were mortified, she obviously lost her position on the cheerleading team, and her life was never going to be the same. The baby was due in January of her senior year of high school, and second semester of the year was hardly enough time to resurrect her ruined image. Still, she managed to keep her grades up, and remained near the top of her class through her pregnancy.

In the midst of the beginning of her senior year, while she was dealing with pregnancy stuff, her brother came out to her, letting her know that he was gay, and for Maddison, that was a huge relief on some level. The pair of them were both well outside what their parents society friends expected of them, but it made them closer as siblings. The only people Maddison allowed in the delivery room with her were Brandon, the baby's father, and Christian. After the birth of the baby, Maddison revealed her plan, which she'd kept a well-hidden secret under the societal pressures that wanted her to marry Brandon and the pair to raise the baby together. Maddison wasn't ready to be a parent, desiring instead to pursue her lifelong dream of being a nurse, and Brandon had a bright future ahead of him, going to college on a scholarship for graphic design. So the day that their baby boy was born was also the last time they would ever see him. They shared a tender moment, curled up in the hospital bed with the baby between them, and cried together for what they had lost and what they were losing now. And a few hours later, they would go on sign away their parental rights, and their son would be adopted by a gay couple who longed to be parents. After Christian came out to her, and given her close friendship with Julian, Maddison had been very clear that she wanted her baby to be raised by a gay couple.

For a few months after the birth and subsequent adoption of her baby, Maddison struggled with postpartum depression, becoming numb and distant from her friends, even cheating on Brandon with another player on the team in a desperate attempt to feel something. Her relationship with Brandon was over, and it was only after she broke down crying one night in her mother's arms that she realized that she wasn't losing her mind, but was instead dealing with a medical condition. With a few quick phone calls, Maddison had an appointment with a clinical psychologist who specialized in postpartum depression, and a place in a PPD support group. It was only after getting the help that she needed that Maddison began to see the world as an okay place to be again.

Through all of this, it was brother Christian's support that meant the most to Maddison, and she was grateful to have him in her life. Despite everything that had happened to her, she somehow still managed to score a place in the Ivy League, like her brother, but at Harvard instead of Yale. After getting her nursing degree, she worked for a few years at Mass General Hospital. But when her brother took a residency at Mt. Sinai in New York, Maddie made the move herself to join him there. She's only recently started to settle into the area and really get a feel for what it's like to actually live in the City instead of just visiting. She specializes in high risk nursing, which, like her brother's specialty, is also high-stress and very difficult. But knowing what many of her high-risk patients have gone through, makes it that much more rewarding when one of them goes home with their family instead of dying on her watch.
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